Fibretech Yellow TX Browning Treatment 5L




Browning and Coffee Stain Remover

Yellow Tx is a high activity formula for neutralising and reversing alkaline browning (cellulosic browning) stains. This professionally researched formula includes a special blend of low pH compounds proven to permanently remove tough browning discolourations, water marks, coffee stains, urine stains and many dye stains.


  • Innovative Chemistry – Yellow Tx is not simply a blend of acids typical of many browning solutions but utilizes innovative technology from the textile industry where polymers are used to release discolouration and fine particle stains (eg coffee).
  • Dynamic Penetration Feature – The inclusion of super wetting and penetrating agents ensure that Yellow Tx quickly and effectively penetrates each discoloured fibre. This feature means that each discoloured fibre is treated not just on the outside but the Yellow Tx penetrates deep into the fibre for effective and permanent stain removal.
  • Urine Removal – Yellow Tx’s carefully selected blend of low pH salts neutralize the urine crystals and remove the stain from the fibre.
  • Fibre Safe – Yellow Tx is safe for use on all natural and synthetic fibres, however fine fabrics must be pre-tested for colour stability before use.
  • User Friendly – specialty low odour formula ensures user comfort.