Fibretech Urine Rescue 500ml


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Neutralises Urine Stains & Odours

Urine Rescue is a unique spotting solution for high performance removal of urine stains and the associated odours. This formulation contains stabilized hydrogen peroxide for powerful urine crystal & stain removal. Use Urine Rescue where other treatments have failed. Some older, stubborn urine stains will only respond to the powerful Hydrogen Peroxide neutralization treatment. Also effective on many coloured and organic stains.


  • Stain Removal – Urine Rescue employs the power of Hydrogen Peroxide to neutralize the toughest urine and pet stains. It will also remove many colour stains such as wine and cordial.
  • Odour Removal – The hydrogen peroxide in Urine Rescue provides powerful oxidisation of bacteria and odour causing germs.
  • Non Residual – Urine Rescue leaves absolutely no residues behind and does not need to be rinsed.
  • Colour safe – Urine Rescue is safe for use on colourfast fabrics and carpets.
  • Fibre Safe – Urine Rescue is safe for use on natural and synthetic fibres, however fine fabrics must be pre-tested for fibre and colour stability before use.