Electrolux Panther Vac Bag C009


Maintain your vacuum and keep your Workshop or office clean with the Filta Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Bags to suit commercial vacuum cleaners. The unique 5-layer SMS technology provides superior dust capture, ensuring you are always sucking up dirt and dust keeping your worksite or office clean.

Applicable Models
2000GH,AS2,Battery DVC860LZ,CA15,DP9000; HZ173; Panther UZ920, UZ921, UZ922, UZ923, UZ925, UZ930, UZ930s, UZ931, UZ945; Z348, Z349, Commercial Cannister (ROUND) Euroclean 930,EUROCLEAN: GD930 S2,Juno (wet & dry) 20L, JW118, Karcher T251, T201, pullman