Eclipse Disinfectant 20L (C32)


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Eclipse has an outstanding ability to create a pleasant atmosphere in environments that are prone to malodours.Eclipse contains a long lasting spicy deodorising perfume especially complexed to destroy amine type odours. This technology allows the product to “Eclipse” urine and ammonia type odours that are particularly offensive.

Eclipse can be used as a very pleasant smelling general purpose disinfectant and air freshener, however its outstanding utility is in creating a pleasant atmosphere in “difficult” areas. Thus Eclipse should be considered for all bathrooms, toilets, changing rooms, public toilets, camping ground ablutions, fish factories, and areas
where animals are housed.

Eclipse contains greater than 1.5% alkylbenzyldimethylammonium chloride sanitiser to kill and help prevent the regrowth of malodorous bacteria when used at the recommended dilution