Deb Stokoderm Sun Protect 50+ 1L




Choose this Stokoderm Sunscreen 50+ Sunscreen Pure Cartridge for very high sunscreen. The sunscreen is formulated to protect skin against dangerous UVA & UVB rays. Non greasy formulation for pleasant day to day wear and easy dexterity and grip. Hydrating ingredients to minimise skin dryness. Highly water resistant to remain effective after water immersion and heavy perspiration. Ideal for use in outdoor work environments such as construction, farming, fruit picking, marine environments and more.



  • Very High Protection – Sun Protection Factor of 50 provides very high protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays
  • Pleasant to Use – contains vitamin E to soothe and condition the skin
  • Non greasy after feel – the cream is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin to encourage regular use and not affect dexterity with hand held tools
  • Contains a complex of caring ingredients – proven hydration effect for up to 24-hours to help reduce skin dryness
  • High level water resistance – withstands heavy perspiration or immersion in water