Bio Zyme Incistern Toilet Bowl Cleaner 400ml



Bio Zyme Incistern Automatic toilet bowl cleaner sanitiser.

INcistern is an automatic toilet bowl cleaner, It attaches to the inside of cistern Requires no batteries to work and no plumbers for installation.

INcistern dosing is activated by the kinetic energy of the refilling rising cistern water replaced after each flush.

The unique INcistern activator measures and doses the exactamount of concentrate for every flush.

Using Bio-Zyme cleaner to eat away at uric acid deposits whileleaving a film on the toilet bowl for ease of cleaning.


  • Does not require dispensers.
  • Kill Bacteria and Viruses
  • Have long Lasting cleaning / sanitising effectiveness on bowl and pipe work
  • Keep toilet fresh and fragrant between regular cleans
  • Enhance and condition your septic tank
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Bottle Capacity – 380ml
  • Number of Flushes – 400-430
  • Dose per flush – 0.9-1.0ml

The installation is very simple – no plumbing required

1.Remove the toilet cistern lid and set to the side.

2.Pull out the clip at the bottom on the Incistern bottle.

3.Holding the Incistern in the upright postion, unscrew the lid.

4.Hold the Incistern over the cistern tank and turn it over ensuring any droplets fall into the cistern.

5.Hook the Incistern to the tank exterior wall away from any obvious moving parts.

6.Replace the toilet cistern lid and its ready to go.